July 6th, 2006

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I'm being pulled in like, fifty directions at once. I'm late posting fic, I'm behind on commenting at a_list_celebs (which is back open for business, by the way, yay!), and there are at least three fics in the Gud Summries ficathon I haven't read yet, which makes me a shitty hostess. Argh! (So you know, more fics have come in, and I've managed to catch one of them: lostakasha's very naughty and hilarious felching/suicide fic. AHAHAHA! So up my alley with the inappropriate humor. But there were more gems! pluckyantihero's maniacle penguin fic with the incredibly sly Monty Python reference! Roller rink Buffy/Angel from crazydiamondsue! And many, many more. The masterlist is here.

And I have a bathroom to finish painting. (Mr. S thought this would be a great day to start opening paint cans and then leave.) Emails to answer. Children to feed. A mother to avoid (oh god.) Fic to write. Games to play. A kitchen to clean. A garden... FUCK. I'd like four extra hours plus a nap, please.

If I haven't replied to an email or comment, it's not because of anything other than my insane list of things/responsibilities keeping me from you. ACK! And I was nominated for two of my fics, and I can't TELL YOU how much I appreciate it! My Andrew in Scotland fic (oh, that makes me so happy - thank you, thank you) and my biblical Connor fic, Blood Will Out at the Serenity on the Hellmouth awards. THANK YOU. (My Connor fics are my faves, and also get the least amount of feedback, so it just made my day. Muchas gracias, anonymous!)

TIME. I could use some. Sorry! Back... soon? *whimper*

OH!! AND PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN IS TOMORROW OMG. I WILL BE THERE. Norrington. You'll see. YOU'LL ALL SEE!! (Keira Knightly grosses me out. FUCK. Eat something and close your damn mouth!! This may be the best website EVER.)

[ETA] and ignore the irony, plzkthx. This fic must be read!! Read it out loud with a fake French accent, and if you have a beret, all the better. DEAR GOD!! So. Happy.
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