August 28th, 2006

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Last post today, I swear...

I don't normally alert the media  livejournal when I make changes to my LJ, because... it's mine.  It's a reading list.  I'm unable to read it all.  So?  I trim.  Nothing personal is meant to be construed from that, just that I don't have all the time in the world.  There are many things I like doing aside from sitting in a chair with a computer, is all.

I've had some negative experiences in the past from being in charge of my own journal (which... come on.) so I'm making it known that I'm just trying to do some time management.  I still click on FriendsFriends and see what's up with all of you, nothing personal, and so forth.  Disabling comments for I am v v tired and I can NAP, hurrah!  (and heh to  my icon - in your FACE, Pluto!   You're nothing but a hunk of ice!)

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