December 5th, 2006

Rockin' like Dokken!, g4m3r5 r00lz

Things and whatnot, also: GIP

Hahaha. I loved that episode of South Park, so's I made an icon. lml -_- lml Rockin' like Dokken!

Things that are awesome about Sally Von Stupp:
* she is 100% housebroken, to the point where she goes to bed at 9:30pm and doesn't need to potty until 6:30am. \o/
* she still enjoys long walks - and I am now able to do them! \o/
* she is getting over her fear of road noise and kid noise \o/

Things she needs to work on:
* not cutting me off at the knees when we walk because a loud truck rumbled by
* not being afraid of the kids - she growled at Em once and it was the last time. I have a scary Mama Bear in me, yo. (she now knows the pack order, ahem)
* not needing me to stand next to her while she does her "bidness" and with my head turned, as she has performance anxiety. O_O

Things that are awesome in my kitchen today:
* while getting my holiday baking skilz in check, I'll be trying out a new recipe for slow cooker truffles. Printed in our local newspaper, they looked like an easier version, which is a +
* I am going to make the GREATEST FUDGE KNOWN TO MAN today. Or maybe the worst. It remains to be seen. What is this fudge, you may be asking yourself?

CHOCOLATE COFFEE WITH HAZELNUT FUDGE, that's what. oh em gee, people. Two Three great tastes that taste great together!! I'll report back, for those interested.

Now that I've worn the dog out, she doesn't seem to be so needy, which will hopefully translate into me getting things accomplished, woot!! ALSO: Tonight is Friday Night Lights. And today is the release for the DVD of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest which, Arrrr! Summary: the movie in which almost all of you realized why I love Norrington. Better late than never! On to the fudgery! *dashes*
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