January 18th, 2007

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You want random? Oh, I'll give you random!

For those who follow it (or did when I was better about it, ahem, ME.) I've updated my gardening blog. I'm waiting to hear back from the MG department to see if this can count towards my volunteer hours, whee! You can find it here. I'll be tinkering with the links all day - I want to get every state's extension agency posted. The plant finder link is a cool tool, as well.

In other news, I needed some gloves for working out, so I ran to Ross (dress for less!) the other day and scored a pair for FORTY-NINE CENTS. And they were nice fleece ones! I grabbed the other pair they had, too. \o/ I also picked up a new ball cap in a lovely lavender, girly shade. Which leads me to this:

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My dergie Sally has black toe knuckles. And one black toenail. The others are white. She keeps giving me her feet so I can verify, is what I'm thinking. My coffee mug got a scoop of Swiss Miss hot cocoa mix and THEN coffee. Clearly, today is a day for newness and innovation. And in conclusion, happy 8th, honey. <3