May 7th, 2007

Shark LOL, hay you guys! [iconzicons]

Monday Spam

I have a million things I want to post about. I'll try and limit it to less than that. :D

1. My awesome buddy Alison has an LJ now, and once she gets the hang of it, I'll pimp her out to all of you, hahaha. She's an artist (and a damn fine one) and lovely and: I have FINALLY gotten her hooked on Buffy. \o/ Also? She's an avid reader. (We'll get her reading the non-canon pairings by summer, you watch and see.)
2. I made the risotto dolce from my cooking class all by my lonesome and it turned out flipping good. *flips*
3. Last night I filled my belly to bursting with ribs. And southernbangel? We used Dreamland BBQ sauce. Note to everyone: Lee, when she came for her visit last week (was it only last week? I miss you and Jess already!), brought a MASSIVE gift basket as a hostess gift to me, which was absolutely lovely. Not only was there Dreamland BBQ sauce, there were TWO kinds of chocolate sauce (dark and white), wine, cheese straws, both sweet and savory, and some spicy chow chow, which, if you're not Southern, you're missing out. I've now sampled all of it, and am FILLED TO BURSTING. *pats belly* Satisfied doesn't cover it. (And really: Lee brought FOUR BOOKS for EACH child, tuned to their reading level. Was she trying to get us to love her, or trying to get us to KIDNAP her for keeps? You decide!)
4. The Office made me so happy this past week, I can't even articulate it. LAYING BRAIN. Oh, my GOODNESS, Creed! Howling with laughter.
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7. I got a package this weekend from dovil!! Music from her homeland in New Zealand and a note and love and squishes and drugs! Except for how there weren't any drugs. DAMMIT. Dovil! I love you, matey! Thanks!! I have a second package with the final eps. of The Office coming your way in two weeks, btw.
8. My peas are coming in, and I have weetiny tomatoes popping out, and the cucumbers are starting to climb the trellis and my summer garden is starting to burst forth as the spring garden goes out with a flourish. Which means I want to buy more plants. Someone needs to put a leash on me.
9. My husband bought my Emily (the 5 year old) a pair of HEELED KNEE-HIGH BOOTS. And naturally, she wants to wear them everywhere. (They're like... whore boots. What!?) She just showed me her school outfit which consists of: turquoise cargo shorts, a heathered pink top with a blue and green butterfly on it, and the black boots of OH, HELL NO-ment. That there is a sassy outfit. One that will not be worn to school, TRY AGAIN.
10. I just remembered I have a kinkathon fic due in ONE WEEK, which means I need to get on that Coreys RPS fic, ahahaha. Crap.

And happy birthday, xochitl42 and janedavitt! May your Monday be like a Friday! You know what? I wish that for ALL OF US. *pours a round of lemonade for all of us*
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