May 21st, 2007

Shut Up

The last on the topic.

[ETA] I log ALL IPs that hit my journal, be it the user info page, or individual posts. It's for a benign reason (tracking actual hit counts, tracking spam), but let me state clearly: THE PEOPLE WHO ACCUSE ME OF BULLYING (and who constantly wave the flag of "don't like it? Don't read it.") read my journal. I have the IP proof. Let that serve as a "warning" for those who don't want to be associated with me. :)

I am not a bully. [shakes jowls like Nixon] I am getting really sick and tired of whiny people claiming that women with opinions are bullies. IT IS NOT BULLYING TO STATE AN OPINION ON THINGS, and shame on you who would try and get people to think that way.

Shame on you. For being weak enough to cower behind others and go with the flow. Shame on you for turning something horrible (say, oh, let me just pull something out of the air.... RAPE.) into something as casual as a comment about a hobby you enjoy. I think I'll turn the word rape into something meaningless: when I get into my car, I rape it. I'm going to rape the milk into the fridge. I raped my knee when I conked it on the table leg. Or maybe NOT. As a person that was actually raped, FUCK YOU. Oh, but first I was kidnapped, bound, almost taken out of the country, then raped. But because I am a strong woman (or is that a bully? I can't remember which) I beat the ever-loving shit out of my attacker when he was finished. I then took his wallet and got me a ticket home. Then I got to face my female boss who looked disapprovingly at me and said WITH NO IRONY: "You seem to have a lot of drama in your life. This needs to change if you're going to continue working here."

*sucks teeth*

I've been slowly defriended over the past few days by people who obviously feel that I'm a bully. Go right on ahead and get with your getting. Hell, anyone on the fence about me? Move along, you won't hurt my feelings, and maybe we'll both heave a sigh of relief. Jesus fucking Christ, we are talking about stories of Angel being made out of moss and bark and growing a dick for Spike. Because my eyes pop out of my head and I boggle at that being LAUDED, I'm a fucking bully? Ahahahahahaha!

Here's my final thought: you're embarrassed about being caught on the side of the Angel rape Willow with soap/Angel is a bark man and maybe has tentacles/a mildly retarded boxer Angel wants to fuck a crippled Spike/(seahorses? Were there seahorses, or was that a crack!fic I wrote? Huh)/fic and you have to defend it, so you call out the people who don't happen to like something (and again: OPINIONS. Stated in their own journals) as being mean and horrible. <-- actual word used. I could be wrong. Feel free to (continue) to mention in your own world how wrong I am. I really couldn't care less, my life isn't changed by people not liking me on the fucking INTERNET.

But people who continue to demean women for HAVING OPINIONS and the STRENGTH TO STATE THEM are in the wrong. Period. And if you think it's not a big deal to devalue those who have been raped? YOU ARE WRONG. Shame on you. Joss says so. And I love Lynne.

THE END. (from me. Never again will I address this foolishness.)