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I call a do-over.

I think I've used that same subject heading before. I've officially become lame. *stamps lame certificate* So today almost brought y'all a woe post from me. ALMOST. Went to bed blue. Woke up blue. Didn't help that the first news article I read was that they found James Kim's body. That poor family. (SF family that got lost in the mountains, for those not keeping up with Current Events) I'm missing Mr. S, I've been feeling overwhelmed by everyone's NEED and me being the only person that's needed (gah) and under-motivated to do anything, BUT.

I took the dog for our 5 mile walk (which quickly became a 2 mile walk when the wind gusted up to 30mph making the 40 degree weather feel WAY colder) and all I had on was my grey hoodie. I totally had a Uni-bomber look going, which for some reason cracked me up. Apparently, imagining that I'm a serial terrorist cheers me up. YOU'VE ALL BEEN WARNED.

Today is FUGGIN' freezing and so there will be a stock pot of turkey chili made. There will be comfort movie watching (as yet to be determined). There will be fudge consumed. There may even be, dare I say, a hot chai. What there WON'T be is: whining on my part. Any chores done. (screw 'em) Any errands involving me leaving the house. CRAP. Except for one, but it's my volunteer day at the library, but it's a half-hour, so that gets a pass.

I have monster writer's block. The creativity well done dried up. Who does what when that happens? I'm going to see if making scarves and fudge eating fixes mine. Probably not, but it's the EFFORT that counts. Heh.

And tonight is Best Comedy Night on TV night. My Name is Earl is okay, but THE OFFICE! SCRUBS!! 30 ROCK!!! <-- why aren't more people watching this? It's EXCELLENT. It's so damn funny. Plus, I heard a rumor that there's JD/Turk in the musical episode, hahahaha! Okay, blue mood is lifting.
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