January 1st, 2008

Happy New Year!

[Obligatory New Years Post]

Hey - I have an icon for it, imma use it, cool? *g*

(Side note for knitters/crocheters on my flist: I picked up some fabulous Color Concept Schaefer yarn this past weekend, the Dian Fossey, and it's flipping GORGEOUS. That link (when you click on her name)? That's actual size. I have a fabulous fat and soft scarf now. I really REALLY need to learn how to knit - I want to make sweaters out of that stuff. Mmmm. Here's the yarnery where you can order great stuff.)

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I think I am the sole person on my flist that quite liked 2007 - there were some very bad moments, as all years have, but it had some of the best moments of my life.

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I love it when the awesome outweighs the crap. I am not a "resolution maker" because I am bad with the follow through. Basically, I vow to make myself MORE AWESOME and HAPPIER THAN EVER THOUGHT POSSIBLE or I will set myself on fire. (Please to be reading the "I suck on follow through." Ha.)

Now to make black eyed peas to solidify that "prosperous New Year..." *g*

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