January 8th, 2008

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Euphemisms like word litter on the screen, blowing in the wind like cigarette butts...

First, my husband is on a business trip in SoCal, got there last night, and went to the hotel's bar for a nightcap. Evidently it's a cruising bar, and my husband kept texting me all night. I understood straightaway what was "happening" and was amused that he didn't. It started with a good looking guy, Navy (heh) talking "guns" with the Mr. The Mr. happens to be a military nut, so he's excitedly talking with this ex-Sailor about... length of shafts, who the hell knows. Hahaha.

I start getting surreptitious texts after an hour with things like "this guy told me how much $ he makes - I make more. Whys he bragging?" and "he wants me to check out some club." I'm laughing my ass off, then about... ten minutes later I get: "omg hes gay. he likes me. wtf?" I haven't heard back on how he handled it, but knowing him, I'm sure he apologized a LOT to this Sailor and probably let him know that if he was gay, a military man would totes be his type.

It's cute when people are all innocent like that. :D Now, on to the bad!fic!

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Now if you don't mind, I'm off to never eat lunch again, while wailing like a pair of black tennis shoes.