January 24th, 2008

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Two hours of Chuck tonight! and other random statements

  • Chuck! 2 new eps tonight! And now I have the theme song by Cake in my head. I'm okay with that. (Does anyone have any "Smile Smile" songs I might like?)
  • I'm still having difficulty letting some of the bad!fic in this post go. Why penii tentacles? Why is Tony the Tiger in a Speedo at Circuit City? WHY IS THIS HOT?
  • I am starting to plan a trip this early Fall to NYC to hang with dovil and the thought is making me very happy. 1) NY, can't go wrong, 2) Dovil! She's a fabulous traveling partner. 3) I can pimp her easily to score us a fix (there's a black market on Kiwis, I've been told.)
  • I will not play Guitar Hero today. I will not play Guitar Hero today. ...maybe for just a bit. (Dude, I- *sigh*)
  • My sister has finished all of BtVS and A:tS and has decided that Connor is her favorite. I didn't even PUSH her, y'all! \o/
  • The Woolie Ewe, my local yarnery, has yet to call me on my special order - I have a blanket to finish.
  • I didn't make a pie yesterday, woe. I am making a pie today, yay.
  • Another director (he was the editor on Blood on the Highway wants me for a new movie he's working on. AWESOME. Perhaps this time I won't have to be a whore. Hahaha, I'm always the whore. Always. *mainlines Jack Daniels, sobbing*
  • I have finished Battlestar Galactica 2.5. I'm in a glass case of emotion about too many things there. GAH. Need S 3 STAT for some resolution!! *scratches inner arm*
  • this cat is FREAKING ME OUT: funny pictures