January 29th, 2008

tampon nose, Sebastian/Viola

Birthday fic! (She's The Man)

It's two of my most favorite people's birthday today, my son and my friend Lee, aka southernbangel! Lee has specific... needs, and so? This fic was born. But first! A James Lipton-esque tribute to the birthday girl. Collapse )

Title: Hey, Dude, Don’t Tell Your Sister We Made Out, a.k.a. Dude Looks Like A Lady
Author: Stoney
Fandom/Rating: She's The Man, Rated R. (this part is not)
Pairing: Viola(Sebastian)/Duke, Duke/Olivia
Summary: Fill in the blank fic. Takes place after the carnival when Viola and Duke kiss at the kissing booth, and goes (quasi)AU from there. (Because there wasn’t enough homo-eroticism. And there should be more confusion, dammit! ...and it totally could have happened off screen. Re-watch the scene in the gym when Viola/Sebastian hugs Duke. Duke totally lets Sebastian cling to him.)
A/N: I’m just pathetic, that’s all. Also, I have a total girl crush on Amanda Bynes. (Um, the guy that plays Duke, although a terrible actor, is terribly pretty.) For those that haven’t seen the movie, Amanda plays Viola and Viola impersonating her twin brother, Sebastian. Quotes from the movie to make this work - I didn't write them, don't claim to have. HUGE thanks to ely_jan and marenfic for last-minute beta needs. *blows kisses*

Part One
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