February 4th, 2008


I don't feel old enough to be old enough.

I just got blown off my feet twice, trying to exercise outside. It's Wind, my arch nemesis. *shakes fist* One day, Wind. One day!

Yesterday, pre-Superbowl, I had a photo-shoot for this latest movie that I'm in Collapse )

The Mister was in the doghouse last night because he was being sneaky, imo. TWICE he had groups of people scheduled to come to our house for parties. And told me as they got there in the first instance/a few hours before they arrived in the second. Both on Superbowl Sunday. Uh... hope you like partially stale tortilla chips and a distinct lack of party food! "No, no, they're not expecting anything." Well... that's just what they're getting, so ALRIGHTY.

(He thought I wouldn't know about the first group, because they were scheduled to come while I was at the photo shoot. At least I had cleaned the bathrooms earlier that morning. Good hell!)

(ENTRENOUS: DO NOT READ THIS PART.) Tomorrow the Mister and I are going to this fabulous Chinese restaurant for lunch that does not have a menu in English. They have saucy-tripe, which is my new most favorite thing. Um... it is so delicious it's not even funny. Yes, I know what it is. I'm southern. I don't care. DELICIOUS!! Also, they have soupy dumplings, those taro-whiskery biscuits that have meat/veggie filling, and whatever else they put in front of me. Barring chicken feet (there's no meat there) I'll pretty much eat anything. Mmmmmm.

I'm off to procrastinate by looking at cat macros. \o/