February 7th, 2008

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Hit by the flu hammer Tues. afternoon. Muscles sore? check. bones throbbing? check. chills alternating with fever? check. headaches and coughing? check and check. I literally stayed in bed all day yesterday. Guess what sucks? Daytime television. Guess what doesn't? A fierce black kitty perching herself on your shoulder (I sleep on my slide) watching for any weaknesses. I'm betting Darthanne saw me as the motherlode catch of the year. Every time I opened my eyes, I'd see two gold ones checking mine for signs of life.

Fortunately the mister is home this week; unfortunately, he doesn't come with a "cleaning mode." I think I'll threaten him with coughing on his toothbrush if he doesn't do the dishes. Folks waiting to hear back from me, I'll be around later, unless I'm crashed out.

Send juice.

And a maid.

~this post brought to you by a need to record the few times I'm sick as proof to the Mister that he needs to CLEAN THE FREAKING HOUSE gaaaaaaah *coughing fit* fleh.