February 25th, 2008

using the gifts god gave me [iconomicon]

More adventures in babysitter, er, movie making

Last post about this, honest engine. Wrapped on St. Nick Saturday night and this was such a different experience all around than the other movie. First, it's an emotional drama, not a balls-out (um... literally, ha ha) comedy, there's no 14 hour days sitting in "blood" and the director is a very quiet and calm person, which bleeds into the atmosphere everywhere. That's not a bad thing, just completely different than the first movie. I get why everyone on Blood on the Highway kept saying that they had never had so much fun on a movie - that set was absolute crack in comparison.

I came home Saturday with the beginning of a monster headache and didn't realize until the following day (still completely exhausted and cranky) that it was because I had spent 12 hours being scared and worried. (Um... acting scared and worried, that is. *G*) It was interesting to see how a movie that wasn't really "written" in the traditional sense turns out. I felt very unsatisfied with my performance when I left, but the more I think about what he's trying to do and say, the happier I'm getting.

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So that's that, and it was really interesting. The more I think about it, the happier I am with the spareness of it. At first I was bothered by that, but I think it will tell a better story, and I'd rather be a part of a terrific story than have a bunch of wonky lines. :) And now I need to exercise. *turns on Guitar Hero*