February 26th, 2008

Shut Up

Oops! You're A Racist.

My wonderful, loving, beautiful inside and out aunt is married to the most bigoted, racist jerk on earth.* The real kicker is he grew up a poor Jewish kid in Jersey and became a Mormon as a teen. But is still an active Jew. Uh... Oh, and he's on a mission from god. But without the shades and choreographed dance moves to Motown hits. (Beuller?) He loooooves to send me those right-wing, uber-crazy-Christian slanted emails that result in nothing but a way for these people to sublimate their racism. Trying to prove why all illegal immigrants are sweaty, swarthy potential rapists and gang members (or whores who will pop out kids just for the welfare check) is a way for you to be racist, but not overt in that racism. Kinda.

Here's my beef: I have asked REPEATEDLY for him to stop sending me this garbage. (Yes, I can block the email account, that's not feasible, since again, he and she are on a mission from god and this is the only way to communicate with my awesome aunt.) I could just delete this crap. But my conscience won't let me have this kind of thing floating around unchallenged, if that makes sense. (Which, I need to get over that.) So. I replied. To ALL. Because the people he sent it to were all their old church buddies from Utah. Oh, yes. Please, whitest state in the union, please tell me, a Texan, all about the dangers of illegal immigrants!

Collapse )Maybe this will convince these people to stop emailing me. Or I can keep shoving their noses in their own filth. Either way. (viciouswishes. I took a page out of your book on this one. *beams*) And now I'm off to get my blood pressure checked at the dr's. Hahaha. Wheeee!

*not scientifically proven
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