March 4th, 2008

brain bleach

A little bad!fic to start the week.

But first, kookiness. I have three inches of snow on the ground here. Texas. March. I've never never seen snow past mid-February, and I've grown up here. It was 80 degrees on Saturday! But because this is typical for Texas (the fluctuation) this is why I walked past the tomato and basil plants on Saturday - sobbing with want - because not until the 15th is it clear. *plays taps for all the dead plants people foolishly planted this weekend*

And now for something completely different. *plays organ nude*

Collapse )

Off topic: Does the world really need me to write a Spike-Andrew-Angel fic where they play Guitar Hero? I've had one rattling in my head for days. (Is that the most Mary Sue thing ever? Hmm.)
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