March 5th, 2008


Hump Day, hey!

That subject line works better if you throw in some street moves, like going down on one hand and kicking your legs up while your homies clap rhythmically. Ah, to be a break dancer in 1983...

Today is a day of awesomeness. I will bullet point them for clarity and simplicity.
  • swmbo got the bacon-chocolate I sent her and we will determine ONCE AND FOR ALL if it is delicious. My thanks to LutherCorp for serving as a testing facility. (hahaha)
  • I have scheduled surgery on my knee, and I no longer need total knee replacement, which is AWESOME. Let's hear it for regular, steady exercise and yoga!
  • plans have been solidified to go to the BFF's for Spring Break and see the horses and manatees (there are manatees in the river/spring behind her house! MANATEES.)
  • she might be getting Junior Brown back (due to sad circumstances, but BABY HORSE back with its mama! \o/)
  • Today is a new day with no mistakes in it (and lots of sunshine predicted)
  • Two days left until the weekend!
  • Perfect scores on Jessica, Bad Reputation, and Jordan yesterday, including a high score that NO ONE IN MY HOUSE CAN BEAT, aww yeah [/Guitar Hero dorkout]
  • I will be getting Rock Star this weekend, because I'm dying to get the Metallica pack. METALLICA! Oh my god. I'm so there it's INSANE [/Eunice]
  • finding out that the "shaman" seen with Paris "Just one more cock, mom!" Hilton is an OUT OF WORK ACTOR, ahahaha
  • and lastly, having done my civic duty last night and caucusing, even though Texas has a STOOPID Dem. convention (and my county carried Obama, WHOO freaking HOO!)

Feel free to comment with all the good things in your life! *passes around punch and pie* <-- which reminds me, I found the BEST blueberry pie recipe. I'll add an ETA (and a cut) later for those who wanted one the other day. HOLY YUM. (Esp. with the homemade French vanilla bean ice cream. And I STILL dropped two pounds this week. DUDE. Life is sweet.)

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