March 7th, 2008

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Possible ideas for a better world?

1. If you know something bothers you, and you know it REALLY bothers you, why would you continually look/read/get involved with said thing that really bothers you? I find that ridiculous. (And disingenuous.) Also, I'm reminding all readers of this journal that I log IPs, not to sell your IP to advertisers, or anything like that, just to keep track of hit counts (and possible stalkers.) Which is why I know some people love to come to my journal and read things they've been adamant about not participating in/finding distasteful. [/cryptic] If you know something gets your blood pressure up, you should probably avoid that thing. Just a thought. (I also respect your right to not like me, this journal, contents of this journal, dogs, and Wednesdays. You can scroll, delete, whatever, with no worries from me.)

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Finally, I did it. I got Rock Band yesterday. Radiohead? The Pixies? Yeah Yeah Yeahs? Ramones? ...the Grateful Dead?? Hells to the Yes! lml -_- lml (and apparently you can download a Metallica pack??? I'll see you guys in a few weeks. Hee!)

(Happy early Birthday to my lovely friend, dovil!!! Save some liver for our NYC trip!)