March 10th, 2008

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Rhetorical Questions

1. Who sends a sick child to a birthday party? Thanks, whoever you were. *frown* Emily and I are home with stuffiness, now.
2. Who will come over and tidy up my house so I can sleep all day? Hahaha. *cough*
3. Why is that old friend of mine that I dumped (remember her? the cheater bo beater and liar pants, en fuego?) calling me and telling me how much she misses me? Um, you can stop that, now. (How many of you think like me that her new marriage is crumbling? Gah. DRAMA = no me gusta.)
4. Why doesn't my sister live NEXT DOOR so we can hang out and have fun more easily? We went out Friday night, and I love her to pieces. Then Sat. we played Rock Band all night. Beth + Chris + my family = awesome.
5. Why am I JUST NOW getting comments from several days ago, LJ? Sorry if I've not replied back - I didn't know your comment was there!
6. Why isn't there a fresh pot of coffee in my kitchen for me? Oh. That's actually something I have control over/an answer.

*amoeba-like movements to kitchen*