March 12th, 2008

dating, carbon 14 nerdjoke

Ahahahaha. NO. Also, a request?

(Um, please know I'm being ironic with my icon.) So, I'm going back and editing an old fic of mine (The Ewan/Hayden RPS from ... oh my god, 2005), something I've been meaning to do for... oh, three years now. *sheepish* I'm trying to fix wonky wording, etc. and came across the word Collapse )

Since I've gotten several emails lately asking me when the hell I'm ever going to finish that series (um... three years after I stopped writing it) I've been thinking about it, and think I might have an ending. I'm working on that now, and I could really use a beta. It'll be short, I think. Any takers? Comment with an email if you're willing, and my thanks in advance!