March 31st, 2008


Tales of a Wannabe Super Star

I am *still* tired today. And if I ever say that I'm going to wear 4 inch heels again, you all have permission to smack me in the face. I do have to say, I have the SADDEST NEWS in SADVILLE about Friday's events, though. And loads of pics under the cut, for those on dial-up.

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[ETA] I forgot! people asked me for my autograph! What? And to have their picture taken with me! Guys, that is beyond ridiculous. I'm a nobody! (I was completely flattered and kept telling everyone "thank you so much for coming!") Hahaha. I'm a nerd, through and through.

Wednesday night is the next Big Night and that's when Nicholas Brendon will be there. (His agent/manager is a ding dong, and screwed up Nb's travel schedule. There was a hotel room waiting for him, the manager just screwed up the flight info/relaying travel plans to Nick. Evidently, NB was pissed as hell. I'm looking forward to seeing him again. He was the NICEST guy. And THIS TIME, I WILL NOT MISS THE RED CARPET. (I'm going straight from the after party to the hospital for my knee surgery, so pictures/etc. will be late in coming. But they'll come!)