April 1st, 2008

Peony Stoney

The post is 99% Fool Free.

I'm the 1% fool, for those doing the math. UGH, we have wind gusts to 40mph here today, which means I am firmly planted indoors, as the wind is my enemy. Sorry, Sally Dog, you can play "chase the laser pointer" inside for your exercise. Every April Fools joke I've had played on me today has been me getting RickRolled, which, hey. I love me some Rick Astley. (Did you know he's Mormon?) Anyway, I've decided that David Archaleta on American Idol is a Rick Astley wannabe. Except I like Rick. (Never gonna give you up, Rick!!)

I've been meaning to post about a movie for WEEKS and keep forgetting. "Once," that beautiful, wonderful, heart-breaking movie that came out... in 2006. I know, I'm always behind on this stuff. (I can raise a family, or I can stay current. I can't do both.) I've got the soundtrack under the cut and LOTS OF SPOILERS. If you've not seen it, DO NOT READ. It's such a lovely, quiet movie, you should go in fresh. Collapse )

And because I laughed at it, this is a clip from the AFI festival, it's the director and writer (my bro-in-law) dressed as vampires protesting Blood on the Highway for "misrepresentation of vampires." "Dangit, Clark! You just set us back 1000 years! Go call your sponsor!" Vampires having regular guy names is always funny to me. (On my honor, it's not an April Fool's joke. It's also work safe.)

Has anyone read "A Final Solution" by Michael Chabon? Hmmm. Overall I was pretty "meh" about it. I did like the chapter from the parrot's perspective. I'm reading Phillip Roth and "World War Z" right now. To say those are polar opposites is not stretching the truth.... Alright, enough random stuff from me. Tell me stories, talk to me about books, keep me from having to do laundry and mop!!
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