April 2nd, 2008

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Happy (early) Birthday to EntreNous!!

I just realized that I most likely will not be able to post this tomorrow, EntreNous's official birthday, as I anticipate being smacked out on the bed with pain killers. Whooo! Ahem. Since she's my biggest cheerleader for this tail, (wah waaah) I dedicate the soapiest chapter to her. Um, I know this isn't the best gift, but I can't guarantee an autograph from NB or a personal phone call. (Can you imagine??) So I give you: Dynasty with Horses! (Side note, the "everything Dynasty" page is www.shoulderpads.net, ahahaha!!) <3

Title: The Edge of Neight, aka StallionCrest 7/8 (As the Stall Turns? Days of our Rides? General Horsepital?)
Author: Stoney
Rating: PG-13/All Audiences (if you watch TV soaps, you're good)
Summary: Did Fancy drown? Did Skidoodle perform a flawless half-gainer? Did Top O'The Line start drinking again? Will Ransom Paycheck be able to stud again? Tune in and find out!
Warnings: DID I MENTION THIS WAS A SOAP OPERA ABOUT HORSES? There will be: Kidnappings! Spanish! Amnesia! Deserted Islands! Evil twin cousins! Cold, cruel stares as the camera fades to black! Intense looks! Burros! Thesaurus abuse! Loads of adjectives! A beautiful and meticulously made banner so you can get a visual! Ahaha.

Chapters: One Two Three Four Five Six

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ILUENTRENOUS! I'll "see" you all Monday with tales of Red Carpet splendor!