April 4th, 2008

dating, carbon 14 nerdjoke

keanu reeves-esque whoa

1. I love Vicodin.
2. I do *not* like stretching my leg out.
3. there was a CHIMPANZEE on the red carpet in front of me, and I got a picture. A CHIMP! (He had on a tuxedo, too. Quite the natty dresser.)
4. I abused the phrase "ape sh*t" with my co-stars that night, but CHIMP!
5. I am feeling very floaty - it's nice.
6. I have pictures and stuff, but I'm not capable of finding my camera right now.
7. I rock on crutches. Unless I have to carry something.
8. I'm gonna watch Tron and pass out now. (Tron!!)
9. ooh, remind me to tell you about the boys with yarmulkes fanboying me, hahaha! <3
10. marenfic? I love you. And donuts. [/e-card ref]

Hooo. Things are spinny. Lay down time. <3
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