April 7th, 2008

sad, *woe*, sad kitty

Monday Blatherings

  1. I am still unable to walk. My knee surgeon is officially a liar. "You'll be off crutches in 36 hours!" he said. "You'll be faster than gazelles in heat!" he said. "You'll make cool wahwahwahwah noises as you jump over 20 foot security fences!" he said. I am hopping on one leg (crutches have bruised my pitts) and flopping about on the bed trying to not take pain pills. My knee makes NO BIONIC NOISES. :(

  2. The good thing is the book I'm almost finished with: WORLD WAR Z. The greatest novel about the zombie apocalypse ever written EVER. I want all zombies all the time. Like, I would totally love to fight an army of zombies. I would kick butt. That's the great thing about growing up in a cultish religion: we had apocalypse training every summer! (Um, I'm not joking.) I could whip up a desalinization kit, get my 2 year supply of food and fuel, my .22, blow out the staircases (zombies can't climb stairs) and live to see a brighter day. WHO'S WITH ME?!

  3. Like... wouldn't a zombie-centric ficathon be fun? You know, any fandom, or original fic, but there has to be zombies in it? I'm in like Flynn on that one.

  4. Something you may not have read about the YFZ Ranch, but I did because I read the members' blogs (why aren't the authorities??) 10 of the 18 girls in official state custody, ages 10 - 14, are pregnant, and two of them with their second child. The first person that says "give these people their religious freedom" gets my feminist foot up their backside so deep you'll be reading "Saucony" on the roof of their mouth.

  5. AFI wrapped last night and while we didn't win any awards (aww) the director of my second movie St. Nick did for his GORGEOUS short, A Catalog of Anticipations. Yay!

  6. My camera is in another room, and I haven't uploaded any pics from Wed. red carpet, so you'll have to wait, those of you interested. I'm going to drag myself to a horizontal surface and read more zombies.

Okay, what would you do to survive a zombie attack? Go! (Do you need me to give you a starting scenario? I will - just ask in comments.)

[ETA!!!] UM - Please notice this man's name, the man that berated SLC for not having a Zombie Plan!! WESLEY DID NOT DIE IN NFA, evidently! Best April Fool's Joke EVER!!