April 14th, 2008

happy smile Rupert [x_moonshine_x]

A day of happy-making things

1. I found some gift certificates I bought myself for Christmas. (Yes, I actually forgot I had them.)
2. They were to the high-falootin' garden center in town with all the exotics/hard to find weetinies
3. I also had forgotten that they were 2 for 1 when I bought them (meaning, I spent $100 and got $200 in certificates! \o/)
4. The cashier was harried, so she just gave me cash back instead of a credit back on the card. \o/ (which, okay. May be like stealing. But I didn't complain. Is it? *nail bites*)
5. They also had a promotion for new bypass shears (secateurs, for you Brits) if x# of plants bought. So. Got some kick butt clippers. FOR FREE.
6. lynnenne will be in my house in mere DAYS and there will be delicious foods and drinks and conversations and HER
7. next week is Birmingham with marenfic and southernbangel which had to be postponed last month, so WHOO and a HOO!
8. hopefully in a month-ish I'll be in New England to see the lovely entrenous88 and hug all over her body, too
9. the sun is shining, the tank is clean, and the sky has no clouds in it.

There is no bad here. Pretty fine Monday, all things considered. *

* for those that think I've just signed my death warrant with this statement, har, my #2 broke her arm on Thursday, so we've had our black cloud. She's tip-top, btw. On to spending times out doors!!