April 17th, 2008

make me a sandwich! [irrisistablmnt]

I'm moving like a zombie today. Don't kill me.

I'm wearing my protected-brains gear so I can't be killed by the ever-vigilant zombie killers out there, so HAR de HAR HAR. Seriously, zombie ficathon y/y? Does this need to happen? Any fandom, or original fic, the only requirement: ZOMBIES.

1. There is no FLDS/LDS discussion in this post, for any newcomers that might be clicking. (and wow - I have no idea how some of you are finding me! I mean, come on over, I don't mind, just where are you finding me? Curious.)
2. I had the day from Mom Hell yesterday with non-stop doctor visits (that led to two new dr. visits, a pre-registration at the hospital [#2 needs surgery on her arm, evidently] getting 20 pounds of rice for the 1rst grade class, buying elastic-waist pants for #2 (one arm = no buttons) and for the love of Pete and Shannon, can SOMEONE make pants for pre-teens that aren't slutty? Did I mention everything was on opposite sides of town from each other? Bah.
3. I made Beef Rendang last night, but with venison and it was delicious. (I didn't have the dried shrimp, however.) We may have that again in a few days, it was so taste-tastic. (Curried onions and carrots on the side, with barley for our starch)
4. lynnenne is coming tomorrow and I am SO EXCITED to have grown-up time. GAAH.
5. If the wind could stop gusting up to 45 MPH that would be suuuuuper. I CAN NOT STAND the wind. I have half-finished flower beds calling me! *reaches passionately towards the windows*
6. I have so much to do today. I want to be a baby and stomp and make fists but I have to be all grown up and handle up on some bidness. GOD. DAMMIT.
7. this video was sent to me by bu_doodlebug this morning and it cracked me up BECAUSE IT IS TRUE. I mean, don't get me wrong. It's twee. But still... I laughed.

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