April 29th, 2008

Tim Gunn is concerned [make it work]

Notification of changes

So, I'm getting a little concerned by the publicness of this journal. Meaning, there's stuff here that I don't necessarily want to share with the world (kids, my own stupidity, etc.) While going back and locking down some stuff, I've come to the decision to lock a LOT down here (any... salacious fic, for example, as well as anything personal) and move the Mormon/FLDS posts to their own location.

Aaaaaaaaaand while I am it, turn the other location into a place to pimp my book in hopes of drumming up bidness, in a way. :)

All of that is now over at 0hmyheck (that's a zero, not an "o" as that was taken.) Please note that you cannot JOIN that community (it's locked for me and my betas/editors) but you can WATCH that community by adding it to your friend's list, should you so desire.

Fannish stuff, drunk spazzing, personal family things will be here, locked to my friends list - as it usually is. Bad!Fic, random things I find funny/whatever, and gardening posts will also stay here AND UNLOCKED. (In other words, things will mostly be the same as they've always been, minus the religious bidness.) Also: various posts I've already made (on the Mormon tag) will be moved over there.

And it's always Defriending Amnesty Day. You have my word as a gentleman and scholar* that I will not be upset one whit.

*I am neither, but my word is bond. *fistheart peace kiss*