April 30th, 2008

Kock: the first slash [rightonicons]

Random Statements and recipes

Random Statement 1: Am I seriously the last person to know that both David Archuleta and Brooke White are both Mormon? (See, I don't care about AI. Because Carly is gone. I pretty much watched her and Hot Aussie dude. They're both gone = I'm gone. Also, I can't stand bland pop songs.) And it's no wonder that they're both who I consider the most boring performers on the show. Connection? YES.
Random Statement 2: For anyone that didn't see my post yesterday, I'm moving (slowly but surely) all of my Mormon posts (and new ones) to 0hmyheck. If you're interested in following along, click here to read on your flist. (You can't join, you can only watch.) And thank you to those of you supporting me over there. It's greatly appreciated!
Random Statement 3: I would like some good recipes that use lemon grass and Ponzu sauce. If you have one you particularly love, please to be sharing! :) (Um, recipes you've MADE and loved)
Random Statement 4: I am back to walking 5 miles a day (still not supposed to hit any hills, though, not for another week) and it feels GOOD to be able to move. Yay knee surgery! When can I do the other one, doc? *G*
Random Statement 5: I have lots to say about some of the new stuff coming out about the YFZ Ranch and this article (unrelated) but I'm putting it over in the other place when I get it all tidied up. In case someone wondered if I knew about that girl giving birth, etc. Yep.

Now for food! (And if you have yummy Thai/Malaysian recipes, GIMMIE!!)

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heavens help me, but I've outlined a fic about two mormon missionaries getting it on based on the Mormon Missionary calender. Just... so... porny!! Well, I've always claimed to be broken inside. Er... "Brandon" and "Austin" in case you were wondering. Um, Brandon is the guy on the main page. There's so much wrong here.