May 3rd, 2008


Mother Scratching WOE.

So, I live on the edge of Tornado Alley. I also live on the cusp of where three weather systems routinely collide. In other words, we get some weather. Which means due to the four bouts of insanely sized hail (which demolished my husbands brand new vehicle one month after purchase - yay for insurance!) straightline winds gusting to 100 mph, and 110 degree summers, we needed a new roof.

A new roof is going up right now, started last night a 6pm. (I know. Go home! [/Ferris Bueller]) To put on a NEW roof, you have to take off the OLD roof. Which is being systematically tossed down onto my METICULOUS FLOWER BEDS. That only exist on the FRONT of the house. There are three full sides of house they could toss things down onto. But NO. Sally Von Schtupp started barking her head off (a lovely deep threatening bark) and the Mr. ran out in his skivvies (hee) and started barking himself to get them to STOP KILLING MY FLOWERS.

He has since told me to not go outside, and has shut all the curtains/blinds, and that we'll ask the roofer to knock $x off the final price so we can get new plants. *cries* I DON'T WANNA KNOW. *cries bitterly* Well, I totally do, but my jaw in clenched so tight... Waaaaaaaaaah. I'm going to look at the photos I posted the other day, hold my lighter aloft, and play Heart's "What About Love (I only wanna share it with you?)" for maximum affect.

Bwah bwah bwaaaaaaaaaah, L'il Brudder! [whiney joke a handful will - hopefully - get]
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The chick that's all "Kristallnacht" is a great name for an HP RPG, and it will have humor! And sex! But be frowny face serious, too, zomg. [ETA] BAHLEETED! Anyone get screencaps? I'm getting them on the comm page.

She's a Mormon and threw out the religion card. The "My people were persecuted, too!" card. OH MY GOD. It's like the heavens opened and gave me a special treat. Here, allow me to hand you your ass, "Marie Antoinette:"

1. The Mormon suffered some persecution. SOME. For, say, 10? 12 years? Max. MAX. They had a handful of guys drug out of their beds and tarred and feathered, for example. Guess why Joseph was? Because he was doinking the guy's sister and she was a 14 year old girl. Yep, just like the entire Cohen family of Eastern Poland being wiped out, among many, many others. Like... hmm. A few million? The Mormon Experience is just like that, except for all the ways it ISN'T. Also, try going back to 2000 years of persecution, or did you drop out of high school (see her user info) before you learned math? 2000 =/= 12.

2. Disagreeing with you isn't being an "extremist." That's your way to sublimate your own racism. I see you're from a tiny, Mormon suburb of Phoenix. Oh, got it. You're an idiot who lives in a state where they don't honor Martin Luther King, Jr., either, and thrive on the cheap and illegal labor you want, but don't want to see. In other words: I got your number.

3. Since YOU pulled out the religion card (I'm Mormon, I know persecution) I'm going to hammer you until you see sense, or fix this problem. Can. Not. Wait. Also? How in the FUCKING HELL does she know persecution in an all white, middle class WHITE AND MORMON community? You don't. You know nothing. Probably shouldn't have dropped out of school.

Classic Mormon counter argument. I should write a book. Oh, wait. *G*

[ETA] They do not know how to argue. And clearly have shit for brains.

[ETA 2] So, here's Marie"Let them eat cake" Antoinette on her LJ calling me out because at least she's not making fun of the Jews. (I would have replied differently if I knew first off who it was LIKE THIS. My immediate reaction is: I've upset someone, I fix it fast.) Also, I would like to apologize publicly to amireal for starting potential wank in her journal as a) I don't know her personally and b) she doesn't need extra drama over in her house. Very sorry.