May 6th, 2008

Little Britain, computer says no [nqicons]

*fingers in mouth-whistle* Also, we need a new Godwin's Law for a Godwin's Law based wank.

Yo! agentslander! Aka IJ's marieantoinette! I see you've disabled non-friend comments on your latest "They're attacking the Mormons, see?? We're soooo oppressed, you guys! We need to explore our feelings with a Jewish suffering-based porn RPG, zomg." I find it VERY INTERESTING that I'm the ONLY PERSON you refuse to reply to. VERY interesting. Probably because you know that I have your number. I know all the bullshit you're saying because most people DON'T know anything about Mormons or their history. And I'm not "someone with Mormons in their family" as if I know nothing. Honey, when you learn anything about your own "faith" then we can have a discussion. For now? You get the Clue-By-Four. So here's the comment I'm unable to post to you. Oh, I'll track you down. You are the second type of Mormon I can't stand: the one that wants all the privileges and protection of belonging to a group without CONTRIBUTING to said group. (The first is the die-hard controlling, woman hating, power hungry, priesthood is the key type, if anyone wanted to know.)

...and I should mention this was my first comment about this, this was my booyahkasha moment deaux, first paragraph only. Her reply to any? Silence.

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Open. A. Book. Didn't you claim to be "intellectual?" Where? In your shoe choice? The type of eggs you purchase? Where is there ANY THOUGHT backed up by reason and logic anywhere? It doesn't exist, you are a fool. You really should feel shame for being such a fool. Good fucking hell.

Give me a fucking break. Side note to the heavens/Yahweh/PTB: Thank you. I've needed this. Best. Present. Ever. (Oh, and the new name - see subject heading - could possibly be the LibbyMarieAntoinette Syndrome.)

Palate cleanser to make sure we have a good day: