May 7th, 2008

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Feh and Recipes.

Oh, it's the birth day for two people I quite admire: janedavitt and xochitl42! I hope today is lovely for you both. *staples a dollar to your b-day bouquet* Um, y'all don't do that up north, huh? (You should! It's fun. Plus? Free money, what?)

I've had this twitch in my eye about the whole "rise above it" and "always stay polite" type posts I've seen cropping up all over and I figured out why that gets under my skin. To me it smacks first and foremost of "be ladylike." Especially when I read somewhere that "dog piling" is a feminine trait. Um, excuse me? It's not called girl piling. And what, boys don't gang up against each other and beat the ever-loving tar out of one another? Or is it cool that they use their fists and we use words, which is bad, mm'kay? *sucks in breath* That's one of the most backward things I've read in a while, and I've read some stupidity over the past week. Don't tell me I should be polite. That being polite and watching my tone (ahem) is the key to winning an argument, or at least, the only way to be able to live with myself.

Maybe it's the Texan in me (Molly Ivins, any one? Ann Richards?) but I speak my damn mind. Do I mess up because of it? Yeah. Do I feel good about myself, because I say what I feel? Hell yeah. Have I hurt people? Yes. But I have no problem admitting mistakes and saying "I'm sorry" if I have hurt someone. Do I think you (who I'm talking to) will feel better knowing how I really feel instead of being a snitty, back-biting pompous snot? Yeah. I do, actually. Remaining ladylike and watching our tone is what leads (sorry, but it's true) to "Keep Sweet." (For those not following, that's what the fundie LDS women are taught. I'll let your minds fill in the blanks.) That crap makes me think of my devout Uncle who berated his daughters for not putting on some "damn lipstick and looking like a lady should look." Maybe it's because I grew up in a cultish organization (LDS) where women are taught to not work, to be quiet, to follow our men blindly, and we can only be honored if we are stay at home moms. To, you know, a million kids. [/exaggeration. only a thousand.] Read between the lines: Keep Sweet. (aka: shut the hell up and where's my dinner?)

I don't believe I have to suffer fools. I don't believe I have to always turn my cheek. (Hell, no.) I don't believe I have to always be polite. (Please note I'm Southern. I'm almost ALWAYS polite. But still. I can cowboy up, you know'm sayin'?) Notice I'm using "I don't, I feel" and I'm talking about me. I'm not telling the people at large how they "should" behave, or what is ultimately the way to be. This is how I feel. Take it for what it's worth, ignore it, it's your brain-meat. But please. Don't tell me how I "should" be. When I gave up my membership to one of the most misogynist religions/cults out there, I was officially done with people telling me how I should behave, I thank you very much.

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A massive storm with hail and potential tornadoes is getting ready to roll through. How happy am I that I have a new roof now? Pretty happy. Also, Imma go batten down my hatches. Have a GOOD and HAPPY day today. *smooches*