May 14th, 2008

dweebs [mediocrechick], NERD ALERT

The Ask Away Meme

Because we have nothing but hail, high winds, rain, and lightning in the forecast for the whole day, that means I can't finish the new flower bed I've been working on all week. Which means I can't keep procrastinating on writing, like I've been doing. So, to keep me tied to the computer, forcing me to write write write, I thought I'd do that "Ask me anything*" meme. I have a bunch of new folks around here, and it'll be fun to get to know people.

*(Note: I can't promise to answer every question. If it's about personal details like my kids and husband, or where exactly that mole is, come on. I'm not that kind of blogger. And who the hell asks complete strangers about their sex lives? Weirdos, that's who. Don't be that weirdo. Ha ha ha ha.)

So! *claps hands* Who's got a burning desire to know something? Anything (almost)? I can give you an outlandish answer if you so desire...

(Oh, side note related to nothing. I'm beginning to have an unhealthy crush on Shia Labeouf. I watched Disturbia the other night and felt all funny and flustered. Then, his turn at hosting SNL was on this weekend. He is TOTALLY CUTE and I felt 15, which isn't healthy for a 35 year old woman. Uh... The Indiana Jones movie might make me explode because it's a combo of Han freaking Solo/Indy + new meat. Do I even want to watch Transformers to see him? *bites lip* He's a smart ass *rawr* and his dad raised CHICKENS and his mom is a ballerina. It's like as close to carnies as I can get without hating myself! Ahahaha.)

(Um, side note 2. To show I'm completely ridiculous, I watched an amazing documentary on PBS last night instead of AI - bleh - and it was astounding. This is something I could dedicate myself to once the kids are gone. Oh, my poor heart. Those poor women. I love that there are people that create hospitals to help others. <3)