May 15th, 2008

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You can't make this stuff up.

I just got back from the grocery store.  As I was loading the back of my vehicle, a guy on a bike wearing a white shirt, tie, and dress pants approached offering to help.  I smirked, (I only had two jugs of milk.  Um, I got it, Slick.) and said, "No, thanks."

Thick Utah Accent: Ma'am?  Can I share something with you that has left my life blessed?
Me: (more smiling) No, I know you're Mormon, though.
TUA: Really?  How's that?
Me: My family's Mormon.
TUA: And you're not?
Me: Not anymore, nope.
TUA: Can I ask you why?
Me: (checking my watch.  5 minutes until the kids get home. wondering if I can explain "because it's all made up? Because the founder was a liar and pedophile? Because I'm anti-cult?" and still get out of there in time for the kids.)  No, but you have a great day!  (shuts door)
TUA: (sad face)  But-

...I actually have a printed off copy of my manuscript in my car right now.  Do you know how tempting it was to hand it over to him, a big goofy picture of two other missionaries beaming back?  Time was my enemy today, folks.