May 20th, 2008

put  my think in your butts [essene]

Clearly I can't leave the internet

because every time I go away for a few days, wank ensues. (Hahaha. Ahem.) Um, catching up on the latest scream fest amongst ourselves for a fandom I don't give two squats about and I've come to the conclusion (again) that a large percentage of the women in fandom hate themselves. HATE. Hate to the point that they won't read fic where women receive pleasure, hate to the point where they write women out of fandom stories, hate to the point of hating all women enough that belittling FICTIONAL characters is okay because "they deserved it" based on blah blah blah.

Jesus H. Girls? Ladies? LOVE YOURSELF. Collapse )

I AM NOT WEAK. AND NEITHER ARE YOU! I DARE someone to call me a bitch in a derogatory manner. Be strong. Be proud. LOVE OTHER WOMEN, because that's how we all pull each other up. In conclusion, how about doing something positive instead of only griping online about whether or not it's okay for fictional people to call each other bitches and sluts: Darfur needs help. Maybe we could start by pulling those women up, or the women in Ethiopia?

This journal will return to happy and carefree fun happy goodtime in the morning. :)

[ETA] Sesame Street taught me everything I needed to know about women being awesome. Women can help to find cures for diseases, women can hunt Aligators!" "Look at these things that we women can do: we can drive cars, we can be cooks! We can be bus drivers, we can write books!" <3