June 3rd, 2008

Homer: tv lover [by who?]


So the fun question of the day is: Where has Stoney been? (note: there are tons of pics under the cut, so be aware if you're on dial up.)

Poll #1198579 Oh, yeah. I forgot about her. Where the hell was she?

I think she (Stoney) was:

arrested and thrown in the pokey where she now has a wife and is something of a legend for her toilet bowl wine.
unable to get back to the Island after Locke "moved" it.
passed out in her Viper for three months and possibly is now a Cylon. (which means she's boning Anders. Nice.)
taken hostage by the Jessops and forced into polygamy; she thinks it's peachy keen now!
chased a rabbit down a hole and forced to eat cookies that made her big, she cried, then she drank some stuff and became "small." Hilarity ensued.
I will click the cut to find out!

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dating, carbon 14 nerdjoke


Not only am I (evidently) popular in Russia, Italians love my sleaze and have awarded me for it.

By which I mean that Blood on the Highway, in which I play a (sleazy) main character, in which a relative unknown by the name of "Nicholas Brendon" also appears in the film, has won the TOP JURY PRIZE* at the Kimera Film Festival. Guys, it beat out serious documentaries like "Wasted." (I won't lie: I felt a twinge of guilt. But fuck it, they've won awards in other festivals.) It also won the Audience Favorite prize, which is completely cool.

I may be at minute 14, but I'm holding on! We have some kind of physical award coming in the mail. Frakking awesome. See?!?! I TOLD YOU IT WAS FUNNY!!

You like me! You really like me! Ahahahaha.

* means that the judges/critics picked our movie over every single other submission as the best of the festival. I don't know if they're smoking crack over there, or if it really is that damn funny. I'm going with the last one. :D

[ETA] Because I'm Forgetful Jones. If you want to relive the horror of making a horror movie, CLEEEEEK.