June 18th, 2008

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Garden picspam

Boy howdy, did we get our rain yesterday. 70 mph wind, an inch and a half in a half hour at my place. The water came so hard and fast that it was blown through a small gap in my back door's weather-stripping, so we had a lot of that water in the kitchen. o_0 Time to replace that stuff, I guess. But everything outside heaved a HUGE sigh of relief from our unusual for us heat. (Which means it was freaking HOT, because this is Texas. If the locals tell you it's hot, it's gorram hot.) Big pics under the cut - what's new and blooming in my garden.

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Later today I'm going to tackle the new stone pathway I'm trying to put in out back, now that it's not a bazillion degrees outside. Then I'm making this ceviche recipe. Things I love: shrimp, citrus, and avocado. Hopefully later I can write the damn conclusion to this Missionary story so I can start posting the damn thing.
Triple Nerd Score! [iconomicon]

Hem hem.

Allow me to explain the (possibly not obvious) reason why this fails.

Tracey is right with her answer, barring the "always" statement regarding rational and irrational. There is an exception, and that would be Pi squared, which remains irrational.)

At first glance, I thought the test makers had it wrong, (the mathematical sentence is correct) when I saw her next comment was wrong, which I would call a trick question because only half of the problem is wonky. And of course, the commenters on the blog where this was posted LOL'd about "hahaha, women and math = fail!" and then continued to comment on how the actual MATH was wrong.

(1.4142135623730950488016887242097 + 2.8284271297461900976033774484194)2 = 18. :D

Love, former FEMALE vice-president of Mu Alpha Theta.