June 26th, 2008

LETS TANGO!  [_tayler]

Etiquette poll

:D Just curious as to the general consensus on what's acceptable behavior online. *cough* And if you are wondering if I've experienced what I would consider rude behavior in my journal from people, then please look at any of my older Connor posts. (And no, I still don't give a shit if YOU don't like Connor.) *SMILE*

Poll #1211413 Miss Manners Queries

Someone has posted something I am not interested in. I:

scroll past, because that's what the scroll is for!
comment to the post about how I am not interested in what they post.
something else I will indicate in comments.

Someone on my flist is clearly in love with/very fond of/obsessed with a subject that I despise. When they post about this I:

roll my eyes and skip that post.
be sure to comment ASAP about how I can't understand why they love/obsess/enjoy the topic at question.
comment on how I very much dislike/don't care for/non-interested I am in said topic but with them well with their enjoyment of the thing I dislike.
something else that I will say in comments.

[eta] Crap, I misspelled a word in the second query. WITH = WISH.

Other topic: I have come across something where you can turn yourself into a centaur (men only) and instead of hooves you have WRIST FEET. NSFW. At all. Actually, not safe for sanity. (There's FANFICTION there. About becoming a centaur!! Don't even think I won't be sporking this stuff at a later date. WOW.)
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