June 27th, 2008

shuuuuuuuuuuuuunuh [matcha]

Centaurs a-go-go!

This may be the first time since the clown fetish fic I stumbled on that I've sat gaping, boggling at the decline of mankind. DIRTY WORDS and WEIRDNESS under the cut, head's up! [One work-safe picture, as well, a shirtless, photoshopped man.] LET THE GAMES BEGIN!

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*rainbow across the screen* The More You Know...

(Off topic: Happy birthday to the lovely and sweet timeofchange, and happy belated birthday to the lucious and fantabulous fitofpique! I'm sorry I missed it, I hope it was terrific!)

I need some cheese to go along with this whine

MOURNFUL BITCHING AHEAD. Feel free to exercise your scroll function.

Today I have had:
  • a $100 hold put on my debit card for getting $40 in gas (that means $140 out of pocket for those without math capabilities)
  • been told my laptop, ordered on 6-05, will not get here until 7-05
  • hung up the LAST of the god damned curtains that have taken forever to finish, only to find it is TOO SHORT
  • sat with my head in my hands as my older two whacked at each other with pool cues. For the third time today.
  • have been UTTERLY SWINDLED by Marriott hotels.

(they failed to use my reward points for my hotel room, charging me 200 bucks for a room I expected to be free. Please see the additional amount out of pocket due to gas purchase.) I would like to state for the record that Marriott is a lying bunch of liars, are cheats, and thieves, and I hope it isn't passing anyone's notice that they are MORMON OWNED. By the way, little factoid: Utah County (home of Provo and BYU) is the NUMBER ONE COUNTY IN THE U.S. FOR FRAUD. The state is the fifth overall worst in numbers of cases. Less than 2 million in the whole state. Think of that in comparison to FL and CA. Cheaters and THIEVES.

I plan on drinking copious amounts of alcohol, sitting outside as the lightening bugs come out, and enjoying the company of my sister, who will hopefully give me a massage. This has been a bad, no good, utterly horrible and frustrating day. Bleh.

Oh! One last thing. And tomorrow we leave to spend the next few days with my In Laws. Including the Bro and Sis in law who hate me for some unknown reason, and make fun of me (wtf?) when I'm not there. So. I'm totally ready for a throw down, is what you should read into that. WHEE.
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