July 17th, 2008

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Where my nerds at?

[ETA] I have to record this: toasted bread, feta cheese, tomato slices, fresh basil leaves, cracked black pepper. This might be my lunch every single day for EVER. NOM NOM NOM. [/random]

Okay, I really really am hating Vista. Like, seething hatred. Like, it's my nemesis. The Captain "The hammer is my penis" Hammer to my Dr. *blink* Horrible. It's clearly designed for people who are really quite happy with AOL and basic, cartoony buttons. God, I miss NT.

I CANNOT get Azureus/Vuse to run on my laptop. I can get it to run on the home PC, but it won't let me get through the firewall on the laptop. Does anyone have any suggestions? The wiki had no help for multiple computers on a network, just the stuff I already know for the home PC. (And if I disable the ports on the home PC and try to open them on the laptop, it's a No Go.) BAH!

Positive things, because I don't like being negative:

  • Third day of Personal Trainer workout yesterday, and it started getting easy. (!!) Time to add extra sets!
  • Master Bootsie "McLovin" Collins of the Funkadelic (our newest cat) is lovely and is happy and content and has ventured out of the "holding tank" and is currently sitting on the table next to me in the living room. <3 he remains soft and snuggly.
  • Trying to get my dog to accept new toothpaste made me laugh so hard yesterday that I literally fell over, laughing. That lip curl/obsessive lick/"gahk!" noise and face on a dog = hilarious.
  • I bought actual girl products (I know how to use all the girly accoutrement, I just don't use them because I'm lazy) and I looooooove this new lotion: Vinotherapie by Caudalie. Smells delicious, and I feel like SILK.
  • I bought perfume for the first time in... god, over a decade? (See: lazy.) Michael Kors, and it smells like honeysuckle and I just want to press my wrist to my nose all day long. MMmmMMmm.

I finished watching Angel: Season 5 last night. I've not watched a single episode from that season since it originally aired - I couldn't stand the thought of it being over, you know? :( Got completely choked up all over again, and have that "it's over" hurt, which sucks. But dammit, that was a good freaking show. <3 Those final three minutes, that building sound of the oncoming horde? Chills. And now I know EXACTLY what I'm writing for the lynnevitational. I just have to sit down and start writing. Yeah. I'll get on that aaaaaaany minute....