July 22nd, 2008

love [luvyuyu], Valentine

Forgot to mention this...

But this deserves its own post. Some of you know my sister has autism. We're talking old-school, rocking, inability to speak, will need a caregiver her whole life autism. (She's made HUGE improvements. Nonetheless. Constant supervision.) Side note: I hate the phrase "rocking like an autistic child." Hate. If that's a part of your every day vernacular, you might want to rethink that. [/sidetrack]

In regards to Michael Savage, a true moron with a complete lack of intelligence, I have this to say: You, sir, are an idiot.

If you want to combat stupidity like this (and have one of the best experiences of your LIFE while doing so), may I suggest finding a local Special Olympics and volunteering your time? I can guarantee that you will come back from that happier than you've felt in a long time, and with a new respect for the hardship that parents of a child with a mental disability (and physical, I don't mean to count that out, either) face every day. And then see that all that hard work makes some truly amazing human beings in the end. (And I'm not talking about the athletes. *G*)

You won't regret it, I promise. And may I say that my sister happens to be a three-time NATIONAL champion soccer goalie and freestyle swimmer? Because we're pretty damn proud of her gold medals. And now I'm tearing up, but in the best way possible. <3 (Sunday was the FORTIETH anniversary for the Special Olympics. Pretty awesome.)
ROLF gave me syphilis [grrliz]

I haven't done this in a long time

AND YES, whoops capslock! I am spamming.l But whatever, no one but like three of us are posting lately.

I have had a lot of wine. Unfortunately, it was not good wine. But I was raised to be an industrious and non-wasteful Mormon girl, so I have polished off the bottle. (dellatorii pinot grigio, for the record. I cannot reccomend this. McManis Pinot? YES.) You know, there are all these posts coming up everywhere about what is acceptable behavior online, and haha I am drunk and posting baldly, which cannot fit the bill, but whatever.

If you are the type that is constantly upset by your interactions with others, then you might have a problem. If you are always offended or hurt or the like... The problem might not lie with "the mean girls" of which I am ALWAYS associated with, even though I might be the most generous and kind person you've ever met. Ahaha. Ahem. Truly, though. I just... life isn't fair. Life isn't nice. Who told you it should be? Should people not purposely hurt each other? Of course. Should you learn to maybe deal with the fact that life is messy and ugly at times? Yes.

Wow, this was not my intent, but there it is. I would like to state for the record that I read Lydia instructing her sisters of what to expect from sex with Mr. Darcy porn today and read the world NONNY-NONNY and LARYDOODLE. And I stand firmly by the belief that I can make fun of those words at any given time, because are you kidding me? NONNY-NONNY. It's a vagina, people. Although I did use that name as a joke in the Annie parody where I named Connie: Connie Nani, because that makes me laugh.

I think I should eat something. And never buy that wine again. You know what I love? Strong women that LOVE being strong. Why don't more women strive for that? Speak your mind to me, ladies, I love it. (Um, and gents. I know there are a few of you out there. :*) Don't be boobies! Have them, but don't BE them. Ahaha.
In conclusion, i firmly believe that I can no longer write porn. This makes sense in my head. Possibly not in a few hours.