July 23rd, 2008

make me a sandwich! [irrisistablmnt]

Recipes for storage purposes and nerd bidness

First, the nerd bidness. I FINALLY figured out a way to get .mkv files to work on my DVD player, which only matters when I burn copies for my sister, as I tend to watch them on the Xbox 360. I found a tutorial online that was missing some steps o_0 but I got it to work. (For those not following, .mkv files are pretty much bluray. Not officially, but as high quality as you can get.) The program that works is GOTsent, but there are four other programs you have to dl and unzip inside GOTsent to unpackage the language, audio, subtitles, etc. Once you convert the files to .mp4, then ou can use something like ConvertXtoDVD to burn the disc, and Bob's your uncle!

Note: if you don't care about watching files on your computer (or if you have an S video out cable and can hook your 'puter to your HD tv) VLC Media player continues to be the best freeware/do everything program out there. No issues with the Matroska file types at my end.

Now for the food! Collapse )

I need more food icons...