August 14th, 2008

Edward is so butch [inthe_redshirt]

My new icon makes me laugh.

I am happy to report that I am not coffee-less this morning. I stroked my coffee mug, to let it know that I would never let go. (But if I did, I would brusquely bark out under a waterfall "I will find you!") and there's your random romantic adventure movie quote quota for the day.

Did anyone catch one of the Olympic announcers (oh my god, will they just SHUT UP for a few minutes and let me WATCH?) state that the guys swimming in the 800 had "lactate" building in their muscles? Um, you meant LACTIC ACID, right? (Lactate is either breast milk or a SALT left over from lactic acid, not the actual acid itself. I do like to think that Michael Phelps is doping on breast milk. Wait, no I don't, ewwwww.)

Also, I read in one of these flippin' Twilight books "dust moats." And I'm thinking, how will that protect the castle? Sure, it'll be slow crossing, like marching on fine sand, but you'd eventually cross. Carl Sagan is officially spinning in his grave. [/nerd alert!]

Oooh, harmonyfb: I have an article I need to send you about a new fiber mill here in Texas (just outside of Austin.) I'll scan it and email it to you later. <-- saying it outloud so I don't forget. I saved it while you were on vacation.

I took my sis and her fiance to Ikea yesterday. I could move in there and be happy. I now want to completely re-do my kitchen and bathrooms with their products and pretend I'm Scandinavian with a name like Signilda or Thyrrni and six feet tall and blonde and riding a scooter. *meep meep!*

Alright, enough procrastinating. Confidential to both crazydiamondsue and kita0610: it'll be okay. *hugs* Two different connotations for you both, but you know what I mean.
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