August 17th, 2008

these go to 11 [fullhearts]

Fic Post: R, Spike/Dru

Here's my entry for the lynnevitational, coming just under the wire. General disclaimer: I make no money from this, all for a lark, la la la.

Title: Three Hundred Sixty-Six Degrees
Author: Stoney
Fandom/Pairing Spike/Dru pre-BtvS thru Spike solo in A:tS, Not Fade Away
Rating: Mature audience due to language and vampire feeding habits and casual drug use
Summary: Spike and Dru unwittingly inspire some of the great poets/musicians as they flit and feed throughout the last half of the 19th Century.
A/N: Written for the lynnevitational with terrific beta work by sunnyd_lite and moosesal and musical reminders (Like Pete Townshend's penchant for fighting) from my sister, Beth. It would be kickass if anyone could catch all the references.

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