August 19th, 2008

Tropic Thunder, pump ya brakes kid!

More fic - it's like it's the end of the world over here, also Tropic Thunder icon, wheee!

Two fic posts in as many days? And there will be more all week. I don't know, either. Aaaaaaaaaaanyway, this is the Mormon Missionary fic I've been yammering on about for months. Where the characters are based on the calendar dudes? (But only the cute ones?) And they're gay? And they come out? That one? [crickets] I had beta help from ely_jan and some serious butt kicking in the writing department from lynnenne, so I'm feeling pretty good about how it's turning out.

Well, chapter one is up. (I'm posting that over on my IJ account since it's "mature" [read: will have smex throughout] and because I refuse to log this journal as adults only, because I don't like jumping through other people's hoops. *shrug*)

I *do * think the world is coming to an end because for the FOURTH STRAIGHt day, we have not hit 90 degrees or warmer, and we have had rain every day. This is insane! And wonderful. Yesterday, actually, stayed in the 70s. I have never, in all my life of living in Texas, seen an August like this before. I. Love. It. It's usually 100+ and so hot and miserable that people just flop around, grumpy and unhappy until the fall rains kick in during the last half of September. I have a garden that is growing so fast (side note: when the soil temp hit 90 degrees, everything shuts down. It's too hot for roots to get food.) that I can practically hear it creaking. <3

While it continues to rain today, there will be soup! <-- a complete novelty in summer time. HOT soup, that is. There will be cleaning done by my rugrats! I will get some more writing done! HUZZAH! Caloo calay! (And then watch more track and field events. Dude. Jamaica is spanking the world! So awesome.)

[/end ramble] FOR NOW. :) Hey, go read my story. Yes, I'm pathetic. What of it? ;)