August 22nd, 2008

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Phat Phriday

1. Chapter Four of "And It Came To Pass" is up.
2. Gas is down to 3.30 in my neighborhood. How crappy that I'm ecstatic over that. I remember gad being 80 cents a gallon. Back when they was no 'lectricity and ya had to walk uphill in the snow both ways.
3. This is my LAST FRIDAY of summer (with chirrens) and I am a happy, happy woman.
4. I am almost all caught up on all the Olympic coverage I've been recording and I totally have a girl crush on LoLo Jones, the USA hurdler. Oh, honey, come sit in my lap and let me make it aaaaaaall better. Good lord, she's gorgeous. I like my women pretty and cut. Rawr.
5. it's FRIDAY, whooooooooo! I already hit the gym, worked my BUTT off (Figuratively, I'm sad to say) and have nothing but good times looking my way. *leap heel click*