September 8th, 2008

America's Team, COWBOYS!!

Are you ready for some football??

I promise that I'm not going to constantly talk sports in my LJ. But I do have to say this: I've been a Cowboys fan since I was a kid. If you have issues with America's Team, take it elsewhere. I'm Texan before I'm a lady, is what I'm saying. :D (Super Bowl, baby!! How good were those rookies? Felix Jones! That kid... Awesome.) And UT and U of Utah have a good year coming up, and if my alma matter (Univ. of Utah) doesn't kick the ever loving shit out of BYU this year, I may boycott the color red.

OH!!! OH MY GOD I ALMOST FORGOT. So, #1, Blood on the Highway is up for 6 B Movie Awards, including one for Nick Brendon, Best Supporting Actor, which is cool, but also: we are in Fear Fest with the casts from Friday the 13th, Halloween, and Monster Squad for a panel/convention. And we will be on the panel, too, which is freaking crazy and awesome. moosesal GUESS WHO DECIDED TO BE AT THE NEXT FearFest and not THIS one?

COREY FELDMAN and the entire cast of the original Lost Boys. *Cries!!!!* Dude, that would have been crack heaven. Corey freaking Feldman, co-panelist with me. I would have asked him about his love relationship with Haim to see if it was anything like my fic. No, I wouldn't, because that is bad behavior. But I would have been thinking it.

Last, uh... did anyone like True Blood on HBO last night? Because I was scratching my head a lot. Why does the "hot vampire" have to be so freaking unattractive? He looks like he needs a nap, a facial, and a bath. Just me? I don't know what's happened to Anna Paquin, but she had dead eyes for most of that episode. *hums "Going through the motions......"*

oh my god the season finale to Metalocalypse, nooooooooo!