September 9th, 2008

SHHHH I'm listening to reason!

Who dat is? (my baby daddy)

That song still cracks me up. Speaking of, I couldn't help it today on the treadmill and I was busting out "You know my name is Rock!" [Kid Rock] because that's my self-appointed theme song and "Dope Man" by NWA, and the guy next to me cracked up. He didn't fall off his treadmill, so it's a win all around. Plus there was a delicious iced coffee in my future (now present) so I declare this Tuesday a solid thumbs up so far.

I looked at my profile page today and got a bit of a shock. Um, hi folks! I seem to have picked up a bunch of new folks since the Sparkledammerung, which is cool. I haven't done one of these in a long time, so I figure it's time for a "who the heck is this Stoney chick, anyway?" type post, in case your finger is hovering over the defriend button. :D

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And now that I'm no longer shaky from the gym, I need to eat. Holy crap, 5 sets of 10 on each of these today: pull ups, both grips, and dips. Not to mention bench press and push ups. My goal of being Linda Hamilton in T2 is getting ever closer....
BSG hugs  Kara/Lee


I don't normally post more than once a day, but this needed public recognition. To the wonderfully kind and generous individual that made an enormous donation to my 3-Day fund raising campaign for women with breast cancer, I cannot thank you enough.

I'm absolutely floored by your generosity. I can barely see the screen, I'm so choked up. Thank you.

(I understand that it was done anonymously, so no need to comment and reveal your identity.)

What a wonderful, wonderful gift you've just given someone. Thank you so much. I'm just so grateful to you, you have no idea. <3