September 15th, 2008

sparkle motion [by whom?]

Bullet points for Monday

  • Thank you so much for all your well wishes for us and our family/friends down in Houston. Everyone came through, and everyone has some kind of damage, but nothing that can't be fixed, so that's pretty great. (Up here we just got 10+ hours of hard rain, but no massive flooding, which was fortunate.) The house next door to my husband's childhood home had a sailboat in the back yard. In case it's not clear, it's not their sailboat. The houses along the waterfront got pretty banged up - some completely gone. No one we know, though. The power is starting to come back in fits and starts along the coast, so that's pretty swell. It's a good thing so many people bugged out, or there would have been more problems. Last I heard, the Strand (historic Galveston) is still under water, and a beach between Kemah and Galveston is completely gone.

  • I got stung by a wasp yesterday, and the good thing is it turns out I'm not so dangerously allergic to them like I used to be. (Which was good, because we couldn't find the EpiPen. Errr...) Side note: antiperspirant (old school with aluminum in it) works WONDERS on a bug bite. Crazy, no? Takes out the itch, pain, and some of the swelling.

  • turns out that Sally Derg is just as freaked by grasshoppers as I am. Reading between the lines: on our walk this morning, I leaned forward to inspect what I thought was a weird leaf (I wasn't wearing my contacts) and a GINORMOUS GRASSHOPPER leapt at my face, wanting to lay its babies in my eye sockets, I'm sure, and Sally jerked back on her leash to get away from it. YOUR JOB IS TO SAVE ME, buster. No treat for Sally today! (Clearly I need to start bringing a golf club on my walks.)

  • I'm trying to get a list together of companies that I think I could get to donate items for a raffle to raise money for my 3-Day walk. I've got a local grocery store, Starbucks, a local restaurant, and... Any suggestions? Feel free to hit me with any you can think of.

  • In about 72 hours I'll be on a plane to NYC to play with dovil until Sunday afternoon. Good food, friends, museums, and liquor? BEST WEEKEND EVER. I haven't seen her for two years, so this is exciting. Stupid globe being huge...

  • I got linked on MetaFilter (thank you again, elfgirl for the heads up!) and think that's pretty swell, too

  • Tangentially, the BFF sent me a DVD and t-shirt for the exploitation remake (got that?) of "Trapped By The Mormons!" Ahahahah! It's a silent film from the 20s that was remade in a tongue-in-cheek manner. The Polygamist (natch) Mormon man is a vampire, the polygamist brides in the new version are ZOMBIES. Made for me, or freaking MADE FOR ME?

  • Somehow this all makes me want to write purpley-overwrought Palin/Cullen porn. I CAN'T EXPLAIN HOW MY BRAIN WORKS, OKAY?

  • True Blood. Is it just me, or is Anna Paquin using her body in a really WEIRD way? I'm losing interest in this show, fast.