September 22nd, 2008

SHHHH I'm listening to reason!

Trips travels travails

Back from NYC after a fantastic weekend of laughing my butt off with dovil. I highly recommend that everyone have their very own Kiwi, incidentally.

I have to say this first, because it's SO FREAKING INSANE that I'm still boggling over it. I hired a car to pick me up Thursday morning to take me to their leader the airport, at 6 am. Which means I'm up at 5 to shower, etc. Which means I'm not focusing on anything but not falling over, because that is too early to rise, that's a stumble in time. Anyhoo. I laid out my clothing the night before on the edge of my tub, because I'm weird and like to be organized. I get in the shower, finally open my eyes, throw on a robe and get my coffee. Come back to the bathroom to get dressed/etc. and there are ANTS SWARMING MY BRAND NEW SHIRT. Ants.


I gingerly pick it up by my fingertips, toss it in the laundry, and hope I can wash it, remove the evil, and dry it in time to get to my waiting car at 6. Get it out of the wash and the ANTS ATE HOLES IN MY SHIRT. I mentioned brand new? Pulled the tags off the night before, laid it down?? What the hell?! Just the day before I made the house SPOTLESS, so there was nothing to bring any creature in uninvited. And I don't have an ant problem. Except for how I do! What on earth?? And I'm out a totally cute shirt that I never got to wear. Woe.

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Since everyone seemed to post a bunch this weekend, I'm probably not going to be able to go back through the ol' flist, so if you have exciting news, updates, etc, lemme know! (And man, after being in front of the Lehman Brothers building as their executives filed out with boxes of their stuff, can I say how glad I am to no longer work in the stocks trade? What a week. R, I'm thinking of you in particular!)